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St Andrew's Day Anti-Racism March and Rally

Saturday 24th November, Glasgow

Members are invited to this year's St Andrew's Day Anti-Racism March and Rally, organised by the Scottish TUC on Saturday 24th November 2018.


Assembly for the march will be for 10:30am at Glasgow Green, setting off at 11:00am and concluding at Adelaide's Auditorium, Bath Street for a mass rally, including guest speakers (TBC).


Members able to assist the STUC with stewarding the event are asked to email scotland@pcs.org.uk to confirm their availability. A full briefing will be provided prior to the event with stewards expected to assemble for 10:00am on the day, ahead of the march.

Disability and the Work Environment Survey

STUC Disabled Workers Committee invite all members to participate

The Scottish TUC (STUC) Disabled Workers Committee have launched a new survey on Disability and the Work Environment.


This follows last year's survey which attracted over 430 responses from workers across Scotland which identifed key issues facing disabled workers in Scotland, including performance management and lack of adjustments in sickness absence processes.


Based on the feedback of last year, this survey will now look at what policies and initiatives can be put in place to combat these issues and the Committee is, again, inviting feedback from workers on what they would like to see.


Participation is entirely voluntary and all responses will be anonymous. Members can access the survey by clicking here.

Scotland United Against Trump

Members Urged to join Mass Demonstration's

With President Donald Trump reportedly due to visit Scotland as part of his UK visit, Scotland's Trade Union movement, alongside many other campaign groups, have united in call for mass demonstrations in protest at the policies being pursued by President Trump and to stand in solidarity with those on the receiving end of his ideological attacks.


We encourage all members to join us on Fridat 13th July at George Square. There will be a public rally from 5pm with a range of guest speakers. All are welcome.

PT Operations Breaks Trial

Branch statement on ongoing trial

PCS have agreed to co-operate with HMRC as they run a trial on scheduling times when staff take their lunch breaks in certain areas. This trial is not a local initiative. It has been agreed at GEC (i.e. National) level to roll out and monitor four different methods of allocating breaks amongst staff. There are four locations where different versions of the trial are being run. The local trial only affects our lunch breaks and is being run in a single span within the Customer Service Centre in Queensway House.


Other sites are trialling different arrangements, including at one site where the status quo with full flexibility is available, for the period of the trial. The point of the overall trial is to explore ways to facilitate better cover on the phones during peak times and the results will be shared with PCS so that any future negotiations are based on facts rather than conjecture.


We understand that people are sceptical about a trial that seems locally to be a direct restriction on our flexible working arrangements. Your local reps share these worries. Nevertheless, it's worth stating that this is the first time (at least for many years) that the department has agreed to consult with PCS throughout a trial such as this. This is welcome and we have therefore agreed to approach the trial in good faith.


Key points to note include;


  1. The trial is being held on a voluntary basis. No one should feel forced to take part
  2. That you should have been consulted on which lunch time slot suited you best. If you haven't been consulted or are unhappy with your allocation, please discuss this with your manager. No one should feel compelled to take lunches at times which they feel uncomfortable in doing so.


We have made it clear to our local management that we do not welcome the spin that the recent intranet message put on this trial which suggested that it is all about fairness. Every relevant health professional recommends that people should have flexibility over when they choose their breaks (-so much so that this question has been in the People Survey since its inception). This was therefore an unfortunate, and we believe, unnecessary development.


Whatever reservations we have about the nature and purpose of this trial, the fact that PCS is consulting with the department during the process is a positive development and we call on all of our members to continue to make their voices heard throughout that process. We want our members to feed in their views through management and through their union reps so that we can ensure that this trial is being monitored by the workforce from start to finish.

Support the Fighting Fund

Sponsor our Branch Vice President in Marathon Attempt

John Davidson, our Branch President and Group Deputy Group Secretary, will be running the Edinburgh Marathon on Sunday 27th May in an effort to raise money for the PCS Fighting Fund.


The Fund is used to support members taking sustained and targeted industrial action by paying strike pay to staff taking action. It is a strategy which has a history of success in helping members to win, and has been identified as a vital tool for our Union moving forward.


You can find more information and how you can support John's efforts here.


Members can also set up a regular payment to the Fighting Fund through the main PCS website.

STUC Equality Committees Event

Saturday 19th May, Glasgow

The Scottish Trade Unions Congress Equality Committees have announced an event that will focus on mental health and why, more than ever, it is an issue for Trade Unions.


Trade Union reps from across Scotland, including from PCS, are reporting that more and more cases are arising which include mental health issues. An issue reflected by each of the Equality Committees who have identified the issue as a key priority for 2018/19.


This event will begin a conversation across the Union movement about how we can best support each other and fight for better, fairer and healthier lives in and out of the workplace.


This event is free and open to all trade union members, particularly those acting as Health & Safety and Equalities Representatives in their respective Unions. The event is intended to run from 10:30am with lunch and refreshments provided for all attendees.


Members interested in attending should register here as soon as possible to ensure their space at this event.

Glasgow May Day 2018

Sunday 6th May, Glasgow

Members, family and friends are invited to join us for this year's Glasgow May Day celebrations which will take place on Sunday 6th May as part of the May bank holiday weekend.


The march will assemble at George Square for 11am for an 11:30am departure and will finish at the Royal Concert Hall where there will be a short rally with guest speakers.


Any members interested in attending or who would like more information can contact a local rep who will pass their details to the Branch Secretary. If you would be interested in assisting with the Branch banner on the day then please also let a local rep know.

HMRC Stress Survey Announced

Staff given opportunity to voice concerns

Previously agreed by members at Revenue & Customs Group Conference in 2016, the Group Executive have spent 18 months negotiating with HMRC management on launching an HSE Stress Survey.


The purpose of the survey is to gauge the current feeling among members and how staff can be better supported at a time when stress and mental health related absences continue to be one of the main conributors to the Department's absence figures.


Despite this HMRC have ultimately refused your Union to use departmental systems to consult members on this important issue. Instead the survey will now be issued to staff's private email addresses.


If you haven't previously provided PCS with a private email address then it is important that you do so now to have the opportunity to take part in our survey. It's quick and easy to do by either;


  • Logging into i-Membership and updating your contact details online
  • Emailing membership@pcs.org.uk with your name, membership number or national insurance number and your preferred private email address
  • Calling PCS Membership on 0800 317 464 with your membership or national insurance number and providing your preferred private email address


The survey can also be accessed here and will remain open until 28th February. Don't miss your chance to take part and help show how HMRC staff are truly feeling.

Hate Crime Survey Launched

STUC seeks workers' views on hate crime

As part of the Scottish Government's consultation on hate crime legislation, the Scottish Trade Unions Congress (STUC) has launched a survey aimed at workers' in Scotland.


The STUC have a number of Equality Committee's across those under-represented communities who work throughout the year to ensure that those voices that are typically less visible are heard throughout the Scottish Trade Union movement.


The Committee's have raised concerns about the issue of hate crime, highlighting examples of how hate crime has affected them in their private and working lives and making clear that the issue of hate crime is indeed a workplace issue.


In response, the STUC is seeking the views of all Scottish workers' on what hate crime should include moving forward, their experiences of how hate crime can happen in the workplace and how it is dealt with by employers.


These responses will then be collated to form the STUC response to the Scottish Government consultation which closes on the 8th January 2018.


The survey takes around 10 minutes to complete and can be found here. Members are encouraged to take part and to share the survey among their friends, family and colleagues to ensure the most wide ranging response possible.


For more details about equality within either PCS or the STUC then members can contact any of our Branch Equality Officers who will be able to assist.

St. Andrew's Day Anti-Racism March & Rally

Saturday 25th November, Glasgow

The Scottish Trades Union Congress will be hosting this year's St Andrew's March and Rally on Saturday 25th November. The March will assemble from 10:30am at Glasgow Green for an 11am departure and will then conclude with a Rally at Adelaides Auditorium, Bath Street, G2 4HZ.


PCS is a long standing supporter of this event and all branches and members are encouraged to come along on the day. We will be in attendance with our Branch banner to show our support in the continuing fight against racism in Scottish society and we invite all members, family and friends to join us.


If you would like more information, or if you are interested in assisting with the banner or stewarding the march then please contact us at campaigns@eastkilbridepcs.org.uk or speak to any local rep who will be able to assist.

Jimmy Reid Memorial Lecture 2017

Thursday 5th October, Glasgow

After ten years of austerity cuts, outsourcing, privatisation and wage freezes, public services are now reaching crisis point. In Scotland over 10,000 civil service and 40,000 local government jobs have been lost, seriously affecting the delivery of even adequate standards of service.


Workers' morale is at an all time low and recruitment of new staff is becoming more and more difficult. Under the guise of 'cutting red tape' and increased efficiency, service users' and providers are being put at risk. We need a public sector for the 21st century, properly funded with fairly paid staff and democratic ownership.


As part of the fith annual Jimmy Reid Memorial Lecture PCS General Secretary, Mark Serwotka, will be delivering the guest speech outlining the case for the above as well as reflecting on his experiences over the past year within the NHS following a successful heart transplant late last year.


Book your tickets for this event through the Jimmy Reid Foundation website here.

Compensation Scheme Under Attack...Again

Cabinet Office seek to cut staff terms despite recent Court defeat

In July, the High Court ruled that in 2016, PCS had been unlawfully excluded from negotiations on proposal to cut the CSCS. The court quashed the 2016 CSCS, which meant that the more generous 2010 terms applied. This means that many civil servants made redundant since November 2016 will benefit from higher redundancy pay.


The Cabinet Office was granted grounds to appeal the decision, but has now withdrawn that appeal, announcing today (25 September) that they plan to consult unions over the next 6 weeks on further cuts to the compensation scheme.


Following the court case, PCS has been in correspondence with officials and arrangements to meet at ministerial level to discuss the implications of the case are being finalised. It is disappointing, therefore, that the Cabinet Office pre-empted those discussions by reopening consultation.


In upholding the PCS case against the previous consultation exercise, the judges stated:


“..it is an obligation to consult in good faith and in a spirit of willingness to consider counter-proposals put forward by any representative trade union, such as the PCSU, with a view to seeing if, after giving them consideration, they might be accommodated in or alongside any proposed changes to the CSCS which the minister proposes to make.”


PCS is concerned that by rushing into a further short consultation period on cuts to the CSCS, the Cabinet Office is not approaching the consultation in “good faith” as required by the law.


We remain determined to oppose detrimental changes to redundancy pay, and will do so through consultation, negotiation with the Cabinet Office, political interventions and any other available route.  

Tax Free Childcare Chaos

Privatisation causes havoc in HMRC (again)

Members will no doubt have caught sight of stories in the press this week criticising the Department’s roll out of the Tax Free Childcare program. Following discussions with HMRC on the current state of the project and plans for the near future, the latest update we have is detailed below.


Ministerial Guarantee Not Met


The Ministerial Guarantee to clear all cases by Wednesday 23rd August has now passed. There are over 2,600 cases still outstanding, leaving parents in a state of limbo. Issues with the IT systems used by ATOS & HMRC resulted in 25,000 applicant’s cases for Tax Free Childcare getting “stuck”. The cause of this is still unclear despite 8 weeks of investigation by HMRC, ATOS & the respective business partners. The issue has affected 5% of all applications. Due to a lack of funding, IT planning work is being reworked to prioritise scheduling fixes with HMRC systems. The Department has received 1185 complaints (a rate of 30 per day). 90% of these complaints are centred around issues with the IT systems used to apply for Tax Free Childcare.


Additional Staff


In addition to staff from Liverpool & Edinburgh currently moved over to Tax Free Childcare to assist with the backlog, 22 AOs & 3 Band Os will be sourced from the Washington site. A request for an additional 25 FTE from Grayfield House in Edinburgh is also being mooted. All loaned staff will stay with Tax Free Childcare until the end of December. Plans to recruit new staff are being brought forward, with interviews to take place in mid-September, while plans to utilise Surge Apprentices in October are being implemented. Overtime is also being used to facilitate the clearing of the backlog.


History Repeating


Clearly, the detriment to thousands of parents unable to complete their claims for Tax Free Childcare so close to the start of the school year is generating criticism from both the press and PCS. Members will recall the Concentrix debacle earlier in the year, where attempts to privatise parts of the Tax Credits service resulted in huge problems for staff and the public. After intervention by PCS, the Department suffered public humiliation, media scrutiny and eventually had to cease the failed privatisation experiment, bringing the Tax Credits work back in-house. 


PCS Demands


PCS will continue to push the Department to cease all attempts to privatise HMRC services, invest seriously in IT, recruit enough staff to deal with demand rather than robbing Peter to pay Paul by “flipping” staff between business units and to cease using overtime to mask job shortages.


PCS would welcome all feedback from members involved in Tax Free Childcare or affected by the issues detailed above. Please contact scottclarkpcs@gmail.com with any feedback, questions or comments, all contact will be treated in strict confidence.

Cuts to Compensation Scheme Quashed

High Court releases full judgment over CSCS cuts

On 18 July PCS won a judicial review at the High Court in regards to imposed changes to the Civil Service Compensation Scheme (CSCS), ruling that the government failed to consult our union with a view to reaching agreement as required by law.


The Court has now released its full decision, reversing the cuts made to the scheme, refusing the Government a right of appeal as well as awarding full costs against the Government. This stunning and comprehensive victory means that the more generous 2010 civil service compensation scheme has been reinstated, and will apply to those who have left on redundancy since the new terms were imposed.      


Cuts to redundancy pay


The government had chosen to slash civil service redundancy pay by about 30% just 6 years after the current civil service redundancy scheme was introduced in December 2010, in an attempt to reduce the costs of cutting staff.


The terms in 2010 were described by then Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude, as "fair, affordable and sustainable; they offer protection to the lowest paid and those nearing retirement, and put a cap on the total amount which can be paid out to any one individual."


PCS, along with Unite and the POA, refused to be bullied by the Cabinet Office into agreeing the cuts to civil servants' redundancy terms as a pre-condition of entering talks and we were excluded from the talks.


With the civil service planning thousands of job cuts and office closures, PCS firmly opposed cuts to redundancy terms. PCS members voted to reject the government's huge cuts to their civil service redundancy pay in a consultative ballot.


The Cabinet Office therefore refused to negotiate with unions representing the overwhelming majority of civil servants.


Regrettably two smaller civil service unions, FDA and Prospect, agreed to the pre-conditions, and talks on cutting redundancy terms took place with them.


The court has refused the government leave to appeal, stating that any appeal would not have real prospects of success. However the government may try to overturn that ruling in the Court of Appeal. They may also decide to open consultation on a new redundancy scheme. However, while we will always be willing to negotiate, we will continue to oppose arbitrary cuts to civil service redundancy payments; and this time we cannot be excluded from negotiations.


Join Today


PCS as a Union will always stand up for the hard won terms and conditions of our members to ensure they receive the best deal possible. If you're not a member then join PCS today. It takes just a few minutes and ensures you are protected in your workplace.

Employment Tribunal Fees Scrapped

Government defeated in court (again)

Following on from PCS' High Court victory over the Government's handling of changes to the Civil Service Compensation Scheme, the Government has again been defeated, this time in the Supreme Court, in regards to their imposition of Employment Tribunal Fees.


PCS opposed the Tory-Lib Dem coalition when it brought in fees of up to £1,200 in 2013, arguing they would restrict access to justice for workers.


Ministers have also cut legal aid, closed courts and tribunal centres, and cut the facility time our representatives can spend resolving workplace issues without the need to rely on legal proceedings.


In today’s ruling on the case brought by Unison, the Supreme Court judges described the fall in claims as “so sharp, so substantial and so sustained” they could not reasonably be afforded by those on low to middle incomes.


They also said fees had deterred genuine cases, adding access to justice is of value to society as a whole because rulings can set important legal principles.


In response, the Ministry of Justice said it “will take immediate steps to stop charging employment tribunal fees and refund those who have paid”.


Our General Secretary Mark Serwotka said: “This is a major victory for trade unions and the people we represent and the case once again exposes the extent to which the Tories treat workers with contempt.


“We will be taking immediate legal advice about seeking redress for our members who were affected by this.”


PCS are still awaiting a remedy decision from the High Court after it ruled the government had acted unlawfully when making cuts to the redundancy terms of civil servants last year.


Further information on this and the implications of today’s Supreme Court judgement will be published as soon as it is available.


In the meantime, these decisions highlight the importance Trade Union's continue to play in protecting workers in today's society. If you're not a member, you can quickly and easily join PCS today by visiting the PCS website.

PCS achieve major victory over CSCS at High Court

Government defeated over imposed changes to staff redundancy pay

Following our Union's victory over the failed negotiations in regards to changes imposed on the Civil Service Compensation Scheme, PCS today (18th July) issued the following statement,


"It is a major blow for Theresa May’s weak and unstable government and further evidence of how the Tories treat their own workforce and other public servants with contempt.


We successfully took a judicial review after being excluded from negotiations over changes to the civil service compensation scheme – which governs voluntary and compulsory redundancy terms.

Civil servants made redundant in the last eight months could now have a claim for compensation after being left thousands of pounds worse off.


In court we argued the former Cabinet Office minister Ben Gummer – who lost his seat at the general election – failed in his legal “duty to consult with a view to reaching agreement” by excluding us from more than a dozen meetings attended by most of the smaller unions.


After initial talks on proposals for new, worsened terms in early 2016 a senior Cabinet Office official wrote to the unions in June of that year to propose a further round, but stated:

“I want to be clear that attendance at any further discussions will be taken as a clear commitment that those unions engaging in the talks have accepted that the proposal above will form the basis of a reformed, negotiated, set of arrangements that their relevant executives can recommend acceptance to their members in any ballot.”


Along with the Prison Officers’ Association and Unite we refused to agree to this, so were excluded. All the other civil service unions agreed to take part on that basis. The judges conclude it was “not surprising [the three unions] were unable to give such a commitment”.


In the judgement handed down today, Lord Justice Sales and Mrs Justice Whipple add: “There was no basis on which the Minister was entitled to exclude the PCSU from the consultation.”


On the Cabinet Office’s claim that inclusion would have made no difference, the judgement states:


“It cannot be said that it is highly likely that the outcome would not have been affected if the PCSU had been allowed to participate in the second round of discussions, as it should have been.”


“The safeguard for workers is that they will not have their rights to compensation benefits diminished or removed without a genuine attempt first having been made to secure agreement on that specific issue with their union representatives. These provisions are not concerned only with vague agreements in principle.”


Our general secretary Mark Serwotka said: “This is yet another example of how Tory governments treat their own workforce and other public servants with utter contempt. Ministers must have known they were breaking the law by excluding us, yet they went ahead anyway.


“There is no way we would ever allow ourselves be chained in negotiations where the terms are rigged and the outcome fixed in advance, and no right thinking person could expect us to.


“In trying to write us out of the script the government only succeeded in revealing how weak and vulnerable the Tories really are, and how their divide and rule tactics are just a recipe for instability.


“This judgement is a major victory for us and all civil servants and shows the value of belonging to a trade union that is prepared to fight back.”

PCS Respond to Imposition of 2017/18 Pay Deal

Union rejects derisory, below inflation pay offer

HMRC have today announced their intention to impose yet another below inflation pay off on all grades from AA to G6.


Due to the unexpected general election and purdah restrictions, HMRC were unable to give any pay offer to PCS until mid-June, since then PCS negotiators have pressed hard for a deal that delivered either a 5% increase or £1200, whichever was greater, in line with national PCS policy set at ADC 2017. PCS believe that these are reasonable demands in light of the current rate of inflation and the effect that the long term pay freeze and cap have had on PCS members standards of living. PCS are aware that over the last decade of austerity and pay restraints, living standards for PCS members have plummeted with a drop of pay of at least 17% against inflation.


Disappointingly HMRC have been unable to meet PCS' demands, citing the Tory Government imposed 1% pay cap.


On that basis, PCS have strongly rejected the offer which has now been imposed.


PCS members will be aware of the current political debate around the 1% pay cap and intense speculation that an Autumn Budget may relax the cap. Members will also be aware that some areas of the public sector, specifically the Fire Service who like HMRC staff are not subject to National Pay Review Boards, have recently been offered a deal of 2%. PCS have gained assurances that if there is any relaxation of the 1% cap HMRC will re-open talks on pay with PCS.




PCS believe that continuation of the 1% pay cap is an affront to our members who provide an essential front line public service. The cap has also placed restrictions on HMRCs ability to address inequalities and the Gender Pay Gap. Many of our members are reliant on benefits due to the poverty pay that they receive and which has deteriorated to crisis levels over recent years. It is clear that the current government is now divided in its' opinion over a continuation of the pay cap and public sector austerity agenda.


Over the following weeks PCS will be releasing details of our National Pay Campaign Strategy. Members should ensure that they register an up to date personal email address with PCS to keep up to date on further developments due to restrictions on what information will be able to be circulated via the Departmental email system.


Members with any questions should contact a PCS rep in the first instance who will be able to assist.

Save the EHRC Campaign

Petition launched to reinstate staff sacked by email

In February this year staff based in the Equality and Human Rights Commission(EHRC) were in the process of taking strike action against proposed compulsory redundancies triggered by budget cuts under the Government's austerity agenda.


While out on strike, eight members of staff were sent redundancy notices to their work email addresses. Many of those impacted have protected characteristics under the Equality Act and several were also elected Trade Union representatives and yet EHRC management have continued to follow through on the forced redundancy of staff.


This is despite the fact that the EHRC has over 40 vacancies that these displaced workers could fill but refuses to do so. As we face up to Brexit and possible attacks on Human Rights law it has never been more important that the EHRC is fully resourced to protect those most at risk from discrimination and attack.


Staff at the EHRC have recently concluded 20 days of rolling strike action across the UK and as part of their continuing campaign members have also now launched a petition to call for the reinstatement of staff affected by the EHRC redundancies.


We encourage all members to sign and share the petition as widely as possible and send a clear message that PCS members and our allies believe in equality and human rights. The petition is available by clicking here.

Civil Service 'Purdah' guidance ignored

PCS write to HMRC Chief Executive over decison to disregard 'Purdah'

Following two meetings with HMRC senior management held on 1 June 2017, PCS have been advised that during the ‘Purdah’ period, contracts with developers regarding proposed regional centres have been signed by HMRC, under the authority of the Cabinet Office. We were not informed which proposed regional centres are involved.
Clear guidance ignored
As members will be aware from earlier PCS Briefings, ‘Purdah’ is the period before an election where the government puts on hold any major decisions – particularly financial-based decisions – in case an incoming government may want to take an alternative view. The guidance covering all civil service departments specifically states:

“it is customary for Ministers to observe discretion in initiating any action of a continuing or long term character. Decisions on matters of policy, and other issues such as large and/or contentious commercial contracts, on which a new government might be expected to want the opportunity to take a different view from the present government, should be postponed until after the election, provided that such postponement would not be detrimental to the national interest or wasteful of public money.”


PCS have a sneaking suspicion that entering into contracts committing the taxpayer to decades of occupation, is pretty likely to meet the definition of “large and/or contentious commercial contracts”. As for “a new government might be expected to want the opportunity to take a different view from the present government” the opposition (not to mention the cross-party Public Accounts Committee) have already made their grave concerns clear where ‘Building Our Future’ is concerned, so “taking a different view” is distinctly likely.


Don’t take our word for it. The acting-Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Peter Dowd, said on the subject:


“This is deeply worrying and appears to be a direct breach of the rules around purdah, which are very clear. Politically contentious and commercially sensitive decisions like this should not be taken during an election period and HMRC needs to explain why it believes this was appropriate.”

What does this mean?
Well we know what it looks like. It looks like the government is terrified that any successor might rip-up their office-closure masterplan, and as a result they’re rushing through signing contracts so if there is a new government, it’ll be too late to do anything about it. This of course, is exactly the kind of behaviour that the ‘Purdah’ guidance is designed to prevent.

So what it looks like we have now is a government whose plans have has been slated by the National Audit Office and the Public Accounts Committee, consciously deciding to take whatever steps are necessary to make the implementation of that plan irreversible. That would be the same employer whose whole reasoning for the office closure programme, is that their current contract has meant decades locked into a contract that offers atrocious value for money. It’s déjà vu all over again.


What looks like making this considerably worse, is that PCS have already been told by the department that HMRC’s regional centre locations are tied to the much wider ‘government hub’ programme. This means that by signing these contracts during ‘Purdah’, the government are potentially committing a whole host of departments to these contracts; and in this event, it would mean that reversing the current plans would incur astronomical costs for any incoming government.

Chief Executive challenged
At the 1 June meeting with the Workforce Management Director, PCS demanded to know why HMRC did not feel that they were bound by Civil Service-wide guidance, and we were told that we needed to take the matter up with the Chief Executive. By the end of the day, PCS had written to the Chief Executive to ask that very question and to request an urgent response. We will update members when we receive a response.

International Workers Memorial Day

Friday 28th April

International Workers Memorial Day is observed each year on the 28th April under the slogan "Remember the dead, fight for the living".


The purpose of the day is two fold.


1) It is about remembering and paying respect to those who have died, been injured or been left unable to work due to illness in relation to their profession, and,

2) To ensure that the tragic loss and suffering endured in the past and to this day is used to refocus and reinvigorate efforts to ensure the work and workplaces of today are healthier and safer for workers.


As part of the day there will be a number of events taking place across the country. Our local Trades Union Council will be hosting an event on Friday 28th April in the South Lanarkshire Council offices in Hamilton from 11:30am.


We encourage all members to attend this important event if they can to pay their respect to those workers who have gone before us and show their support for the continuing work to improve workers health and safety today.

Pay Up! - Update

GEC issue briefing regarding planned protests on March 31st

The HMRC Group Executive Committee have in the last few minutes released a briefing regarding the planned protest action over pay taking place across the UK tomorrow.


Please find the briefing available below. We encourage all members to ensure they support the protest actions planned in each workplace and help us tell management loud and clear that despite their attempts to block us, we have had enough and that we deserve a decent pay rise.

Adobe Acrobat document [347.6 KB]

Pay Up!

Support PCS campaign for fair pay for members

PCS members will have read the recent breifings detailing the National Pay Campaign launched by PCS, in particular the planned day of action taking place on Friday 31st March.


Reps will be available on the day for members to play their part and call on a decent pay rise for staff who have seen a real term cut in their take home pay for several years under the failed austerity agenda of the current Government.


Reps will be available between 12pm and 4pm on Friday 31st March at the following locations:


  • Plaza Tower - Floor 2 at the former O'Briens Restaurant
  • Queensway House - Staff Restaurant


We encourage all members and non members to come along and support this campaign, attendance will be in your own time but it should take no more than a few minutes of your time for what is such an important issue for so many members who are struggling or just about managing due to the stagnant pay in recent years.


The ongoing pay cuts affect all PCS members, regardless of Grade and it is important that we send a clear message that we have had enough and are willing to stand up and say we want a pay rise.

Further Success for PCS

Former Concentrix staff see T&C's harmonised

Following months of representations by PCS, HMRC have now agreed to harmonise the pay, terms and conditions of former Concentrix staff who transferred to HMRC’s Benefits and Credits in late-2016.


Real improvements secured
This means that legacy-Concentrix staff who, because of the nature of Transfer of Undertakings legislation (TUPE) were trapped on worse pay, terms and conditions than their direct-entrant HMRC colleagues, will now be brought fully on to the department’s conditions of service. This will include:

  • Almost 150 members of legacy-Concentrix staff currently paid less than the HMRC range minimum will see an increase in pay, as they are brought into the department’s pay ranges
  • Overtime pay will also improve, as all legacy-Concentrix workers will now be paid the same overtime pay rates as their direct-entrant colleagues
  • There will be an increase in the number of paid Public and Privilege holidays for all legacy-Concentrix staff.


Fairness for all HMRC staff
PCS have consistently argued that it is profoundly unfair that two sets of workers sitting side-by-side in Benefits and Credits should be on such wildly differing pay and conditions. We welcome the positive move now being made by the department; and we will continue to meet with management to discuss detailed aspects of the harmonisation following the decision to implement.

It is essential that we continue to press for a situation where all HMRC staff are paid consistently and fairly for the work that they do – irrespective of how they came to work for the organisation.


Join PCS today!
PCS have successfully campaigned for nearly 250 legacy-Concentrix staff to be brought in-house with the work; we have successfully campaigned to defend the planned recruitment of fixed-term HMRC staff in Belfast, in addition to the legacy-Concentrix intake; and now we have successfully campaigned for the harmonisation of pay, terms and conditions for legacy-Concentrix staff – completing the integration of these members.

PCS is already by far the largest Civil Service Trade Union, but the more members we have the stronger our bargaining position with HMRC. If you know someone in your workplace who is not a member of PCS, or if you have read this briefing and are not already a member of PCS, then you should join your Trade Union now!

United Nations International Anti-Racism Day March

Saturday 18th March, Glasgow, 11am

To coincide with the UN International Anti-Racism Day Stand Up to Racism and the TUC are organising events to take place on the 18th March across the UK, with support from PCS.


Glasgow's event, which has been organised by Stand Up to Racism in conjunction with Unite Against Facism Scotland and the Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees, will consist of a march followed by a rally and we encourage all members to join us.


Over the past year there has been a significant rise in reports of hate crime and vitriolic attacks on migrants and refugees meaning it is even more important to stand together and take part in these events to stand in solidarity and say no to all forms of racism, fascism, islamophobia and anti-semitism.


Assembly will be for 11am on Holland Street with the rally being held in George Square from 12pm. Any members interested in assisting with the Branch banner should contact Branch Secretary, Kris Hendry, to organise this.

Glasgow Trades Union Council March

Saturday 11th March, Glasgow, 11am

As local authorities face up to even deeper cuts to their budgets and public services under threat like never before, Glasgow Trades Union Council will be holding a march and rally on Saturday 11th March.


Local councils and the Scottish Government could be doing a lot more with the powers they have to provide alternative budgets and reverse the austerity politics forced through by the Conservative Government.


With local elections approaching in May, it is vital that ordinary citizens and the trade union movement have their say in what they expect from politicians and political parties, your Branch will certainly be pushing local candidiates to guarantee their support for the Stay in EK campaign and protecting local jobs in HMRC.


We encourage all members to attend this event, the march will assemble on Glasgow Green for 11am with a rally taking place in George Square from 12pm. Anyone interested in assisting with the Branch banner should contact Branch Secretary, Kris Hendry, to organise this.

DWP Office Closure Public Meeting

Saturday 18th February, Glasgow, 11am

At the end of last year the Department of Work and Pensions announced plans to close half of the job centres currently in operation across Glasgow, this was recently followed up with further announcements that include the closure of 78 job centres across Scotland, England and Wales as well as one fifth of their non-frontline offices and further doubt on more offices.


PCS has already given evidence in front of the House of Commons' Scottish Affairs Committee at the beginning of the month and have been joined by various community groups in condemning the proposed closures and their impact on some of the most vulnerable people in society.


PCS will be hosting a public meeting on Saturday 18th February that will be addressed by PCS National President Janice Godrich, Chris Stephens MP who chairs the PCS Parliamentary Group in Westminster as well as Peter Hope, chairperson of Disabled People Against Cuts Glasgow.


The meeting will be taking place in Adelaide's, 209 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4HZ from 11am to 1pm. We encourage all members to attend and show their solidarity to colleagues in DWP facing similar uncertainty as ourselves under the current BoF proposals as well as standing up to oppose the plans and the detrimental impact they will have on local communities as well as workers.

Attend Free Screening of I, Daniel Blake

Sunday 12th February, EK Arts Centre, 6:30pm

South Lanarkshire and East Kilbride Trades Union Council, sponsored by Unite Not for Profit branch, Unison Lanarkshire Health Branch and Unison South Lanarkshire Branch, will be hosting a free screening of Ken Loach's critically acclaimed movie I, Daniel Blake.


The movie tells the story of an older man and his experience in trying to access the UK welfare system following a heart attack and the issues and other people he encounters.


PCS were involved in the making of the film, providing information and experiences on behalf of those members who work within the Department of Work and Pensions in facilitating benefits claims.


Our Union has a longstanding policy of opposing benefit sanctions and has worked with organisations such as Disabled People Against the Cuts(DPAC) and Black Triangle to ensure that campaigning action is aimed at those in charge, not our members who can only implement the will of those in charge i.e. the Government.


For those interested in attending this event, you can book tickets through the Arts Centre website by clicking here.

PCS Meet with HMRC CEO

PCS met with HMRC Chief Executive Jon Thompson on 19 December 2016 and our senior representatives took the opportunity to press him to take action and halt the implementation of the misnamed Building our Future (BoF) programme. We also offered to work with HMRC to secure a decent pay rise for all staff. This meeting was the first opportunity since the welcome news that the hated and discredited performance management system will end and to put the views of PCS members directly to the CEO.  

Building an Uncertain Future
PCS launched a comprehensive and detailed report on HMRC compiled on our behalf by the Tax Justice Network at a parliamentary event in Westminster last month. The report entitled HMRC: Building an Uncertain Future draws upon a survey of PCS members’ views which indicated an overwhelmingly rejection of the employer’s plans.  The loss of skills and experience was one particular area that was highlighted by members as being a significant risk to the future of the UK tax authority.  HMRC has already lost hundreds of skilled workers over the last few years and in the past week has given notice to a further 130 staff, 120 of whom work in Customer Compliance that they will be subject to a redundancy exercise in January. PCS is calling on HMRC to listen to our members and engage with us to review its plans for the future which have been drawn up with no regard to the changed circumstances brought about by the referendum vote to leave the European Union. PCS has also challenged the ability of HMRC to deliver compliance work across the whole country from just 13 Regional centres.

Action is also required to deliver movement on Pay.  HMRC workers have suffered years of pay restraint due to government imposed policies. Pay rates for most HMRC staff have stagnated with most receiving pay awards that do not even keep pace with inflation. Ironically, the government policy which will see minimum wages rise to 60% of median earnings by 2020 will mean that pay rates for AA & AO members will need to increase. In order to achieve this and to ensure that all HMRC staff are given a decent pay rise significantly more than 1% will be required.  We are calling for a bold move from the employer to work with PCS to secure funds from the Treasury to make significant progress on pay. 

PCS nationally have long campaigned against the discriminatory and divisive performance management policies across Government Departments. This has resulted in the Cabinet Office giving way to pressure to abandon the current systems.  Four Departments, DWP, MOD, MOJ and HMRC, have been told by Cabinet Office that they can replace current systems with one based on common values in 2017. Within HMRC PCS have sought the abolition of the performance management system and welcome the fact that HMRC now share our view.

Attendance Management
The Attendance Management system have proved widely unpopular amongst PCS members and generated discussion and debate at both union and management team meetings. The system is rightly viewed as mechanistic and inflexible. The way in which the system is being implemented mitigates against line managers using their initiative and judgement when dealing with staff who for a variety of reasons may be suffering from ill health.

CEO Response
The tone of the CEO’s response was positive but there is clear blue water in respect of all 4 major issues.

On a positive note the CEO proposed that we enter discussions on BOF in the New Year and whilst the direction of travel remains unchanged there are indications that the detailed BOF blueprint could be altered or amended. He also agreed to share HMRC’s plans on how it plans to maintain national compliance coverage and discuss these with PCS.

Similarly on the issue of Pay, the CEO indicated a willingness to explore options but we recognise that the Government imposed pay cap places severe restrictions on achieving a fair pay settlement.

On PMR, despite the Cabinet Office decision to end the current system, HMRC will press ahead with the current box markings and forced distribution in 2016/17, with a replacement system not coming on stream until 2017/18. We have pressed on the issue of personal references for staff who leave HMRC with a box marking that could be viewed as detrimental and we will be holding further talks with HMRC about this issue.

The CEO was keen to stress his view that the Attendance Management procedures should not inhibit the ability of line managers to exercise discretion. This too will be the subject of further discussions as PCS are aware of numerous examples where this is not happening.

PCS is looking to build a good constructive relationship with the new HMRC leadership. We have agreed to hold quarterly meetings with the CEO and some of the early signs from the employer look positive but these must be backed by action.  The decision on performance management is a positive example but risks being undermined by the requirement to carry on with discredited processes at the end of 2016/17.  PCS will continue to press HMRC to work with us to build an organisation that works in the interests of all and one in which all staff can be proud to work for.

HMRC in the Dock Again

The last few days has seen the publication of two reports into the work of HMRC, by two of the most
influential House of Commons Select Committees: The Work and Pensions Committee and the PublicAccounts Committee. Both reports are heavily critical of the department’s decision-making and planning, and their content supports many of the arguments PCS have put forward.
This briefing provides members with a summary of the reports’ findings.


Work and Pensions Committee Report: Concentrix

Although the error and fraud work that had been contracted-out to Concentrix has now been taken back in-house, Parliament continues to examine the circumstances around the failed privatisation; and on 28 November 2016, the Work and Pensions Select Committee published its latest report on the subject.


The report does not mince words in its criticism of the department’s managing of the contract; the
processes operated under the contract; and the unjust outcomes of the contract.
The report states: “The flaws in decision making are evidenced by the fact that more than 90 per cent of initial appeals, known as Mandatory Reconsiderations, against Concentrix decisions in HRR16 have been upheld. These are extraordinary figures for any appeals process…”


But the Committee doesn’t just point the finger at the contractor for unjust decision-making; the report makes it clear that: “HMRC were not only complicit in the decision making process used by Concentrix: they pressured their failing contractor to subject yet more claimants to it.”; and
“It is clear that the failure of the Concentrix contract was more complex than simply not enough staff. It is equally clear that many of the problems that contributed to its rapidly snowballing collapse were foreseeable. In the initial stages it appears HMRC made the situation worse.”


So the Committee makes it clear that it is the actions of senior management in HMRC that have played the major part in this fiasco. Everyone it seems, now recognises that the department’s decision to outsource elements of Tax Credits error and fraud work was a disastrous one, compounded by a contract that rewarded the private company for cutting Tax Credits, irrespective of the merits of the case. It is sad that countless vulnerable people had to be placed in extreme financial difficulty before the department was made to see sense.


As the committee report confirms, if it wasn’t for outside pressure, HMRC would have been more than happy for this whole disgraceful affair to continue. As the report states: “Despite protestations to the contrary, HMRC were negotiating a new contract with Concentrix until just four days before they announced their decision not to renew. At this stage they were well aware of their
contractor’s failings.”


PCS hope that, at the highest level, questions will continue to be asked about the judgement of the

cheerleaders for this privatisation debacle; and there is recognition that, in the words of the Commons Committee: “This was a sorry episode for the welfare state. It is imperative that it is not allowed to happen again.”


Public Accounts Committee Report: Performance of HMRC in 2015-16


As well as Parliament being critical of the Concentrix situation, a second report published by the Public Accounts Committee, considered the performance of the department generally, and was also highly critical. The report stated that: “In the last Parliament, HMRC had made over-optimistic assumptions about how much change it could make all at once, which led to significant deterioration in the quality of its customer services for some 18 months.”; and “HMRC is staking a great deal on the success of its plans to digitise the tax system, but once again it lacks
an adequate plan if demand for its call centres does not reduce as quickly as it hopes.”


Given this, members could be forgiven for experiencing more than a little Déjà vu, as yet again HMRC has embarked on a major change programme, based on wildly optimistic assumptions about the take-up of digital services. But fear not, the department have indicated that they can always fall back on ‘crisis management’, or as they told the committee: “HMRC noted that if demand did not reduce in the way it expected it would have to ensure that adequate levels of staff were in place to meet taxpayers’ needs.”


Additionally, although HMRC have been reluctant to discuss with PCS, the likely impact of Brexit on the department; fortunately they were slightly happier discussing it with the Public Accounts Committee, whose report relayed the news that: “HMRC told [the select committee] that it expected Brexit to have an impact on: customs and excise duties; social security; administration of the VAT regime, state aid; information exchange with other EU countries; ongoing litigation; and on businesses and their relationship with the Department.”


So clearly the department accepts that there will be major changes resulting from Brexit; but management prefers to continue to pursue the same wildly optimistic assumptions that have failed so spectacularly in the past; on the assumption that they can always embark on a bit of ‘crisis management’ if it all goes horribly wrong. PCS will continue to press HMRC to engage with us to find a more sensible alternative.

Civil Service Compensation Scheme Ballot

Vote YES to reject cuts to your Terms and Conditions

Members will shortly begin to receive ballot papers seeking your view on the proposed cuts to redundancy terms for staff proposed by the Government. These proposals will make it easier and cheaper for Department's to cut staff with members facing huge cuts to the amount they could receive in the event of redundancy.


PCS are urging all members to vote yes and reject these cuts while your Union consider all legal and industrial routes to force the Government to reconsider and reverse these unnecessary cuts.


Reps will be outside each building distributing material to help inform you on the importance of using your vote in this ballot. If you have any questions then please feel free to speak to any of your local reps who will be happy to assist.


The ballot will close on the 28th November. Please Make Your Vote Count!

St Andrew's Day Anti-Racism March & Rally

Saturday 26th November 2016

This year's STUC organised anti-racism march will be taking place on Saturday 26th November. The march will assemble at Glasgow Green from 10:30am for an 11pm set off. The March will then make its way through Glasgow City Centre finishing at the Glasgow Film Theatre. A range of guest speakers will then address attendees from 12pm.


This years theme will be No Racism: Defending Communities and given recent events the STUC is keen to ensure as large a turnout as possible for this year's event. PCS has pledged to take a lead in a new campaign against racism, linked with a campiagn against the Tory austerity agenda. This follows th rise in hate crimes reported across the UK following the EU Referendum earlier this year.


We encourage all members to attend this important event and to help send a clear message that PCS and our members remain opposed to all racism and discrimination.


FOr more information regarding this event, speak to any local rep who will be happy to assist.

GEC Respond to new Attendance Management Policy

Decision to disagree "overwhelming"

PCS has notified the department that they are unable to agree to newly introduced Attendance Management policy. However the GC have signalled to HMRC that they will continue discussions over the issue and an Attendance Management Working Group has been established to coordinate over the issue.


Discussions over the new policy began in February at the intitiation of HMRC following publication of the Civil Service Employee Policy(CSEP) attendance management policy. However due to confidentiality these discussions could not be shared until late July when the documentation over the proposals was made available to the GEC.


THE GEC recognise the Department's decision to make a number of amendments to the CSEP policy, notably discarding all pregnanct related sickness absence from the purposes of attendance management which is beyond what employers are required to do under the law.


PCS have continued discussions with HMRC, raising a number of queries over technical aspects and other concerns which HMRC have provided responses to. PCS did flag up guidance to negotiators which made clear its concerns regarding the CSEP policy, part of which states


"Initial evidence gathered via civil service wide outturn data on Wellbeing and Attendance Management policies indicates that the use of trigger/consideration points are actually having a detrimental effect on health and that staff are coming to work when sick to avoid hitting trigger points, exacerbating ill health problems."


While discussions have been largely productive, the negotiators were concerned that certain lines of business would depart from the central guidance. Last month PCS became aware of senior management in one line of business implementing "Attendance Management special measures" in one site. PCS have made clear to HMRC that such measures are totally unacceptable and were not a feature of either the previous or proposed policy.


PCS negotiators also stressed the importance of the need for a consistent approach and not being operated as a mechanistic tool that left managers feeling that they must always issue a warning when a trigger point is reached. The GEC are therefore concerned that managers in certain areas have been given hard targets to reduce Average Working Days Lost as part of their PMR.


As part of the ongoing discussions over the new policy, the PCS Attendance Management working group welcome any feedback from members which can be submitted to R&CGroup@pcs.org.uk quoting Attendance Management Feedback in the subject heading.


The GEC have given a clear steer to negotiators regarding the ongoing discussions with HMRC which is informed by Group Conference policy. The continued support of you, the members, will be crucial to obtaining positive progress on this issue.

PCS Pan Equality Events Announced

Regional events to be held to relaunch equality networks

PCS will be holding regional cross equality events across the country to relaunch our equality networks. As a Union PCS places equality at the heart of everything we do and recognises that single identity politics cannot always address multiple disadvantage.


That is why PCS will be hosting these events, to bring members of each of PCS' equality groups together to celebrate achivement and consider opportunities to work together to tackle inequality.


Participation from PCS members in under represented groups is crucial for ensuring that PCS is acting in the interests of all of our members and the regional equality networks can provide an excellent platform for new activists to take the first step to becoming more active within PCS.


The PCS Scotland event will be taking place on Wednesday 26th October in the STUC offices, located just outside of Glasgow City Centre. The event will begin at 1pm with lunch provided from 12pm for attendees and finishing for 4pm.


Invitations have been issued to all members who have identified as being black, disabled, LGBT and/or women. If you have yet to receive an invite then please contact a local rep or email the PCS Scotland office at scotland@pcs.org.uk.


To find out more about PCS' equality work, check out the equality pages at the top of this page or speak to any local rep who can put you in contact with the relevant officer of the network you are interested in. All discussions will be treated in confidence.

HMRC Staff Survey 2016

GEC issue statement for 2016 survey

In previous years PCS has encouraged members to boycott the staff survey. However in 2015 the decision was made to lift this and following discussions between management and PCS, including assurances being given, your Union is encouraging you to complete the staff survey.


This follows the Building Our Future (office closure) announcements as well as the change in leadership in HMRC. The 2016 staff survey will be the first test of staff views across HMRC on the direction of the department and the performance of management. This is your chance to tell HMRC how you think about their performance, what they are doing right and also what they can do better.


The GEC are aware of instances where local management have taken actions that could be considered as an attempt to influence how staff answer certain questions. This undermines the purpose of the survey  which is to ask staff for their direct thoughts.


We encourage all members to answer all questions as they appear on the page and if members feel they are being unfairly pressurised to give particular answers to notify your local reps as soon as possible.


Of course the survey is completely voluntary and how staff choose to complete it is entirely their own decision, however the data produced, if accurate, can help the GEC tke your concerns into future talks with management and progress campaigns on your behalf.


If you have any questions regarding the survey, or this message, contact a local rep who will be happy to discuss with you.

Civil Service Compensation Scheme Survey

Your Union wants to hear your views on cuts to redundancy pay

All members should recently have received either an email or letter in the post inviting them to take part in a consultation exercise over the proposed savage cuts to redundancy terms in the Civil Service.


While this is not an industrial action ballot, it is an importnt consultation that will help to shape the way PCS responds to the proposals on your behalf. We therefore encourage all members to ensure that they use this opportunity to make clear to PCS, as your workplace representatives, what actions you want to be taken in the fight against these shocking proposals.


All survey responses must be received by 5pm on Thursday 6th October 2016.


If you have any questions regarding the survey or the proposals regarding the CSCS, then please contact any workplace rep who will be able to advise you.


UPDATE - For members who have not received their email or postal invite to participate in the CSCS survey, please email balloting@pcs.org.uk with your name, membership number or NI number, personal email address, first line of your address, post code and telephone number requesting a further invite.


It is important that all members take part in the survey in order to defend our terms and conditions against these vindictive and unnecessary cuts.

CSCS Floor Meetings

Members are invited to attend floor meetings on Wednesday 28th September to discuss the proposed detrimental changes to the Civil Service Compensation Scheme, redundancy terms.


Meetings for members will take place as follows:


  • Queensway House - All members meeting at 2pm in staff canteen area


  • Plaza Tower - Floor 5 Conference Room, staff should attend as follows
  • Floor 5 - 12pm
  • Floor 4 - 12:45pm
  • Floor 11 - 1:30pm
  • Floor 6/Offline - Any of the above


Members on floor 3 are invited to attend at either 12pm or 1pm as part of the floor's drop in surgery.


Please note that attendance will be in members own time but it is important that members attend these meetings where possible due to the ongoing nature of this issue. If you have any questions, please contact any local rep who will be happy to assist.

Civil Service Compensation Scheme

Fight the cuts to jobs and redundancy terms

Members will share our dismay at the recent announcements from the Government in regards to the Civil Service Compensation Scheme. Despite reforms under the previous coalition Government, described as 'once in a generation', the Conservatives have announced plans to press ahead with new cuts of at least 25% to civil servants redundancy terms, with more than this for many members of staff.


The Cabinet Office have written to all of the Civil Service Trade Unions offering the opportunity of talks. However these talks were on condition that Unions accept the cuts to CSCS terms before even beginning any negotiations.


This was rejected by PCS, as well as Unite and the POA, with the Cabinet Office now refusing to negotiate with the representatives for the majority of civil servants. Only FDA and Prospect accepted the terms of the Cabinet Office.


With Building Our Future relocations coming, the threat of job cuts in HMRC is real and these changes threaten many members who could face redundancy as HMRC seeks to reduce staffing numbers ahead of any proposed moves to Regional Centres.


PCS, as your Trade Union representatives, want to stop the cuts to redundancy terms and we have agreed to:


Explore any legal options for a challenge


Call on all civil service unions to act together 


Lobby politicians to oppose any required legislative changes


Consult members on the proposals and their willingness to take strike action.


As part of this, we urge all members to sign the Parliamentary Petition to call for an end to the cuts to the Civil Service Compensation Scheme. If you're currently not a member then please also consider signing up to ensure your voice is heard.

HMRC savaged by Parliament

Public Accounts Committee heavily critical of HMRC Management

Members may have noticed the recent Intranet article in response to the Public Accounts Committee report on HMRC. Their response focussed on the PAC's criticisms in terms of customer service, offering the familiar response that this is based on old data and that customer service has improved since that time.


Their response however fails to mention or refute a number of other criticisms that the Committee levelled against HMRC management, most of which will hardly be a surprise to members.


The report summarised that;


“HMRC’s service has not been good enough and has failed to meet the standard to which
taxpayers are entitled”

“HMRC released too many staff too soon because it was over-optimistic about how quickly the
demand on its call centres would fall”


“HMRC has not considered the costs to customers of providing a sub-standard service”; and


“HMRC does not know what impact the quality of service it provides has on tax revenue.”


At the Committee meeting in June, which was attended by HMRC's Chief Executive, Executive Chair and Director General of Personal Tax, the Committee pointed out to the Director General that “2,500 were made redundant [in Personal Tax] and then you had to recruit 2,400 [into Personal Tax] to deal with a problem.” With HMRC planning to cut costs by 34% in Personal Tax over the next 5 years, they risk another collapse in the service that hard working staff provide to the public.


The Committee's noting of this is also important in the context of the proposed office closures under the Building Our Future programme. The Committee report concludes, “HMRC must test whether its forecasts of demand are realistic and be prepared to flex its resources as necessary to ensure service demand is met. HMRC should pilot how taxpayers will respond to new digital services before they are widely implemented.” 


PCS has continued to fight against HMRC's office closure plans and for full Parliamentary scrutiny of the proposals to be carried out.


In light of the EU Referendum result it is even more important that these plans do not go ahead with the situation facing the country still unknown.


We urge everyone to sign the Parlimentary Petition to call for a halt to HMRC's office closure programme.




DATE: 12 July 2016


On 30 June 2016, HMRC held a series of presentations to staff, updating them on the latest developments in their office closure and job-cutting plans, euphemistically called ‘Building Our Future’.

No guarantees

HMRC have confirmed their management plan to reduce staffing to 50,000 by 2021. Given the fact that there is currently a ‘full time equivalent’ of more than 59,700 in the department, this means that the better part of 10,000 jobs – nearly one-sixth of the workforce – will be going in the next five years. There is clearly no guarantee that your job won’t be one of the HMRC posts going.

The department states that “the majority of people who are due to move into a regional centre in the next two years will move with their existing work to that regional centre”. This is clearly different from ‘all people who are due to move into a regional centre…’ and shows once again that there is no guarantee that you will have a job in the new structure.
Not all directorates will be present in all regional centres, so even if you are currently based in a location where there is going to be a regional centre, there is no guarantee your current post will exist in that regional centre.

Prior to the announcement on 30 June, staff were given the clearest impression that if they are within reasonable daily travel of a regional centre, they will have a job in the new structure. That certainty has now been downgraded to a management statement that they “expect” there’ll be a job for you; providing you have the right skills or they think you can acquire the right skills. So even if you live within reasonable daily travel of a regional centre, there is no guarantee of a job.

The department plans to bring people with the same specialist skills together into ‘centres of expertise’. They add that “wherever possible” they will create centres of expertise in places where people are already doing this type of work, or where the location has a good supply of new recruits with those specialist skills. This means that if you have specialist skills, there is no guarantee that the ‘centre of expertise’ will be located within reasonable daily travel of where you currently work; and therefore no guarantee that you will have a job in your current specialism (or indeed at all).

The numbers of staff listed for each regional centre in the 30 June presentation differs significantly from those figures provided in November 2015, with some centres listing up to 1,000 fewer staff than listed in the November presentation. There is also no clarity over the grade split envisaged, the only broad staffing numbers available are indicated only by location and line of business.

PCS have asked management for clarification regarding the latest figures. As yet, no clarification has been received.

Competing for your job?

Given that HMRC are making it plain that no-one’s job is safe, the next question is: ‘how are the reduced number of posts going to be filled?’
Perhaps unsurprisingly, management have given PCS no indication about how the posts will be filled. We can only assume that, as in the past, members will be expected to scramble around competing for jobs.

Why so sensitive?

The department indicated that there were a number of sites which they considered would be ‘sensitive’. When PCS asked precisely what made those sites sensitive, management responded they were “not in a position to share with [PCS] the rationale for the sensitive sites – this was an ExCom decision”. So let’s be clear: there are a number of sites where there are particular concerns, but they refuse to tell PCS why there are particular concerns; and that this refusal comes from the highest level in the department. The obvious question is: what have they got to hide?

HMRC ‘in denial’

As members are aware, PCS have written to the HMRC Chief Executive seeking the full business case for the office closure and job-cuts programme. Additionally we have written following the recent referendum decision to leave the European Union, given that this will mean additional work for the department in the fields of VAT, Customs and International Trade.

In his reply, the Chief Executive has made no mention of providing the business case, and has simply reiterated the department’s plan to set up the regional centres and persuade people to conduct their tax affairs on-line. The Chief Executive goes on to repeat the statement that they are happy to talk to PCS but not to discuss the viability of the department’s plans; only how those plans can be implemented. The seismic upheaval that is the country’s exit from the European Union was dismissed in one sentence; with the Chief Executive simply saying ‘the referendum result doesn’t change our plans’.
These aren’t the actions of a department with a strategic plan; they are the actions of a department in denial.

Fighting for offices, fighting for jobs

PCS are continuing to campaign to defend offices and jobs. To give ourselves the greatest chance of success, we need the greatest involvement of members.

We will be organising membership meetings in the coming weeks, to discuss directly with members the latest developments; and how we should collectively respond. You should make every effort to attend your local meeting and participate.

Our Fight - Our Future

Members will be aware of the department’s plans to move to 13 regional centres over the course of the next decade. Members might not know but these plans were originally mooted in 2004 just after the merger of Inland Revenue and Customs & Excise, however these plans were withdrawn after parliamentary scrutiny showed they were completely flawed and would leave the department unable to chase tax cheats across the country. Now the very same plans are back and worryingly include the closure of the HMRC offices in East Kilbride. The effect this will have on the local economy cannot be overstated.


The Government has now announced plans to slash the terms of the Civil Service Compensation Scheme. The proposals will see redundancy payments reduced from 1 month’s pay for every year of service up to a maximum of 21 months pay cut to 3 weeks for every year & a maximum of 12 months. It is no coincidence that the Department is looking to minimise the amount of money they will need to spend making staff redundant at the same time as looking to move offices.


Check how you will be affected using the calculator below.


Further to this, 150 HMRC staff are facing compulsory redundancy on the basis they live outside reasonable daily travel of a regional centre. This is the thin end of the wedge, the department are moving on this now – whilst billions of pounds are lost in uncollected, evaded & legally avoided tax – to ensure they have no opposition when they make thousands of us redundant in future on the same grounds. 


It doesn't matter if the East Kilbride offices are due to close in 1 year or 10 years. We need to fight these plans before it is too late. We need your support to force HMRC to put their location strategy before Parliament for review. If these plans are truly about cost-savings then HMRC should have no fears about their strategy being scrutinised.


A consultation was launched on Monday 8th February which gives civil servants the opportunity to object to the plans on the CSCS. It closes at 3pm on 4 May. Please go to the gov.uk website and register your opposition to these cuts by completing a response form.



This is our fight. We need members to recognise that the announcement of a centre housing 3000 staff in Glasgow was given to all staff in East Kilbride, Glasgow & Cumbernauld. The centre is not going to sit half empty for 5 years until we all move there in a decade. We cannot allow the department to make a single member redundant now, cannot allow the centralisation of work to continue & we cannot allow the government to slash the terms of our compensation for loss of office because down the line we’ll be the staff facing redundancy.


Please respond to the consultation around the CSCS. Please speak to colleagues & encourage them to join the campaign. Please keep up to date via the Branch website and our Twitter & Facebook pages. Let us know how you think we can best fight the plans, what action you would like to see & please support us when we move to action on these vital campaigns. This is our future, please join the fight for it.



CSCS Calculator.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [40.7 KB]

Local Office Closures Announced

In response to today's announcements regarding the closure of both Plaza Tower and Queensway House from HMRC, the local Branch Executive Committee have prepared the following response;


"The Branch Executive Committee in East Kilbride share members concerns over this morning's announcements. Plaza Tower will close in 2019/20 with the majority of staff moving to Queensway House, Queensway House will close on 2025/6 & staff at that point will be relocated out of East Kilbride into the regional centre opening in the centre of Glasgow. Where exactly the new site will be in the centre of town has yet to be confirmed. Colleagues in Glasgow & Cumbernauld will see their buildings close & move to Glasgow in 2019/20. Colleagues in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas will move to a regional centre in Edinburgh. Many colleagues in the rest of Scotland face office closures without a regional centre to move to as early as 2017, something echoed in every region up and down the country.

Locally, we are deeply concerned around the number of staff to be housed in the regional centre; 3700 appears to be the planned capacity, considerably less than the number currently based here, in Glasgow and in Cumbernauld. There clearly are also questions over which business streams will be based where, and when they will move. We will share information when we have it. Members shouldn't hesitate to contact any of the local reps to discuss their concerns and we assure you we will do everything in our power to support members locally and the many members regionally & nationally massively impacted by today's announcement."


Branch President, Bob Farmer, has spoken to local media in regards to the office closure announcements and our Group Executive Committee have also issued a response in regards to the full national announcements.


As more information becomes available we will ensure all members are kept fully updated, with plans being put in place to hold floor meetings in order to consult with our members regarding the announcements. It is also important that, if you have not done so already, you provide PCS with an external email address as we may not be able to circulate all this information via HMRC's email systems.


We also send a message of solidarity to all of our colleagues across the country now facing the prospect of being forced to leave HMRC due to todays announcements.



Hardship Fund and other assistance available

Group Hardship Fund


We recognise asking members to take industrial action in the current climate of pay constraints and ever increasing bills is a very big ask. The PCS HMRC Group operate a hardship fund is to assist those of our members who have taken industrial action and who are suffering genuine hardship as a result of taking such action.


It is not strike pay and the usual amount that can be paid to successful applicants is 50% of an AO’s average daily pay rate per day, roughly £20, however the finance committee will look at each application on its own right and may pay more if cases merit it.


If you wish to apply speak to your local rep in confidence or fill in the form below and pass to a Branch Officer.


Debt Helpline

I'd like to also highlight here that the union offers a Debt helpline & online support for those members struggling; it offers impartial advice, regardless of the amount you owe. It is operated through Payplan and the number is 0800 716 239


Find out more on the Payplan website. https://www.payplan.com/ 


Benevolent Fund


Finally, Each year, the national executive committee sets aside money to be spent to help members facing financial hardship through sickness, family troubles and many other problems.


Applications on the official form are reviewed weekly and monitored by the NEC.


Grants can be given on a one-off basis. We do not give loans and the amount is limited to a maximum of £500.

All information received remains confidential.


For further information please contact the benevolent fund secretary on 020 7801 2601, option 3.


Application forms are available from reps or on the PCS website

Hardship Fund Form
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