About the Pay Up! campaign

Since 2010, the then coalition now, Conservative Government have imposed pay cuts, in real terms, on thousands of hard working PCS members in the name of austerity.


These cuts mean that over the past 7 years our members pay in HMRC has slipped 17% behind inflation leaving many of our members having to use food banks and claiming in work benefits just to try and get by every month.


The Pay Up! campaign is PCS' national campaign aimed at breaking the pay cap and calls for a minimum 5% increase for all public sector workers and civil servants, a figure that will barely begin to recoup the total amount of losses our members have suffered after years of pay freezes and pay restraint.


For 2017, HMRC have announced it will impose a pay offer on all members of staff, capped at an average of 1%, which means a real terms consolidated award of 0.8% of the relevant 2016 pay range maximum for the majority of staff.


PCS believes that we all deserve a pay rise and we ask for everyones support in calling for an end to austerity and the pay cap and that hard working public sector workers and civil servants be given the proper pay rise that we all deserve.