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Phoenix Club Winners 2018

The Branch operate a monthly lottery offering members to win a cash prize every month. A minimum of 70% is paid out in prizes each year, the remaining funds help the Branch to fund activities that PCS nationally cannot afford or provide.


In the past this has allowed the Branch to purchase a new computer for Branch business, print newsletters keeping members informed and to send reps to meetings to represent members.


Membership of the Phoenix costs just £4 per month. Prizes will be £100, £50 and another £50 each month. We will also continue the traditional mega draws in May and November with prizes now standing at £200, £100 and another £100.


The more members who take part the better prizes we can offer. If you would like to join the Phoenix then please find a membership form above or speak to any rep who will be able to assist you. Below is a list of each of our winners this year so far, we wish everyone the best of luck!



Month First Prize Second Prize Third Prize
January Kevin Farmer Andy Boag Marie Cadenhead


Fiona Petrie Lesley Forrester Paul Hastings
March Chris Barclay Craig Lundie Stuart Roney
April Niall McInnes John Phillips Nikki McCann
May* John Phillips Carol Hindman Niall McInnes
June Garry McDonald Erika Corbett Lizette Pringle
July Kris Hendry Jim McGilligan John McConnachie
August Clare Jones Jacqui Ballantyne Carol Edison
September John Davidson Graham Keany Janice Russell

Phoenix Club Winners 2017

Month First Prize Second Prize Third Prize
January Erika Corbett Andy Nairn Craig Lundie
February Nikki McCann Alan Adams Patricia Gray
March Angela Stewart Clare Jones John McConnachie
April Jayne Johnston Jeanette Fleming Ewen Paterson
May Paul Hastings Alan Adams Win Young
June David Jamieson John McConnachie Carol Edison
July Patricia Gray Garry McDonald Kris Charnley
August Raymond Mair Barney Whelan Alan Adams
September Nikki McCann Erika Corbett Raymond Mair
October Saysavanh Sith-Ratanayong Georgie O'Hagan Carole Hindman
November Chris Barclay Jacqui Ballantyne Nikki McCann
December Janice Neil Jeanette Fleming Alan Adams

Phoenix Club Winners 2016

Month First Prize Second Prize Third Prize
January Andrew Nairn Kris Charnley Janice Russell
February Mick Cleary Carol Hindman Madeline Watts
March Alison Webster Lynn Peters

Debbie Mallet

April Tina Gemmell Scott Dunn Kris Hendry
May William McDowell Katherine Scobie Jayne Johnston
June Chris Coates Andrew Nairn E Saunderson
July Janice Russell Allan Wood Kayleigh Elder
August John Phillips Georgie O'Hagan Madeline Watts
September Alison Marshall Nikki McCann Alan Adams
October Garry McDonald Stuart Roney James McGrory
November Janice Russell Mrs Loughrin Craig Lundie
December Denis Curran William McDowall Kayleigh Elder

Pheonix Club Winners 2015







Janice Russell

Denis Curran

Dorothy Biggs


Paul Hastings

John McConnachie

James McGrory


Alex Wilson

Alice Maxwell

Janice Russell


Kris Charnley

Denis Curran

John Davidson


Paul Hastings

Phil Lewis

Peter Brown


Alex Wilson

Denis Curran

John Phillips


Scott Dunn

Kate Kilpatrick

Jeanette Fleming


Allan Wood

Barney Whelan

Alex Wilson


Craig Fleming

Chris Coates

Scott Dunn


Raymond Mair

Patricia Gray

Frankie Tervit


Pauline Johnston

Liz Sanderson

Nikki McCann


Karen Groome

Craig Fleming

May Hunter