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Any other enquiries should be directed to campaigns@eastkilbridepcs.org.uk.


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Branch Officers

Below is our Branch Officers as elected at our 2018 AGM for 2018/2019.

Branch President - Scott Clark

Branch Vice President - John Davidson

Branch Secretary - Kris Hendry

Branch Organiser - Pheona Wright

Branch Treasurer - Claire McKay

Branch Health & Safety Chair - Derek Peace

Branch Learning Coordinator - Kris Charnley

Branch Diversity & Equality Officer - Vacant

Branch Black & Ethnic Minorities Officer - Omatayo Olaleye-Martins

Branch Disabled Members' Officer - Barbra Farmer

Branch Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Members' Officer - Vacant

Branch Women's Officer - Julia McMurray

Branch Young Member's Officer - Holly Allison